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What We Do

  • Web Design & Development


    With over 10 years experience binomo building websites, our highly skilled and experienced team will sit down with you to understand and and ultimately deliver on your business goals and customer needs.

    Content Management Systems


    Delivering tailor made sites based on either MuraCMS, or Wordpress; we've got your Content Management needs covered.

    E-Commerce Features


    Delivering a highly available, successful online solution is core to many businesses. Let us help you solve your business and customer needs, including integration with your accounting and CRM systems.

  • World Class Technology


    It's buzzword central with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and more. But we don't go with buzzwords. We make sure we understand the problem, and utilise the right technology for the job.

    Infrastructure, Security & Protection


    Building upon the right infrastructure is critical to the success of web applications. We work exclusively with Rackspace to help deliver scalable, reliable, performant solutions using a mixture of Private and Public Cloud infrastructure.

    Web Advice


    We love nothing more than to help our clients stay in touch with the latest happenings in the world of web design and development. Blogging, speaking and even running our own conference are just some of the ways we love to share advice.

Who We Are

We’re helping clients break down barriers by delivering solutions to business and consumer problems.

We are a team of experienced software binomo app developers and consultants who help breathe simple innovation into client projects. Our straight forward approach, adoption and use of fresh, innovative technologies enables us to deliver leading solutions for start-ups through to large multi-national corporations. We've also been known to talk shop via popular magazines, books, and of course conferences.
Taking of conferences, we run one of the UK's most popular Web Design/Development conferences; Scotch on the Rocks. Held in Edinburgh, Scotch on the Rocks is our annual gathering of web technologists, bringing together some of the brightest minds from across the globe. Focusing on development, best practices and human experience, Scotch on the Rocks has built a reputation as a must attend event.

See Our Works

The best way to showcase your work, is to flaunt it.


Infrastructure, Cloud
Raileasy are a National Rail accredited internet retail booking engine, helping travellers to find the best fare available, whether that be cheapest, or the most flexible.


Web Development
react2.com is an online-based, interactive speech and language therapy tool providing speech and language apa itu binomo dan cara kerjanya resources and activities for adults and children suffering from communication difficulties.


Infrastructure, Web Development
Ocean82 help customers benchmark their relative, perceived performance using products and services to help them succeed in their quest for sustinable and profitable growth.


Infrastructure, Web Development
ENRD is the hub that connects rural development stakeholders throughout the European Union (EU). Discover how the ENRD is contributing to the effective implementation of Member States' Rural Development.

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Desk Space for rent @fuzzyorange
Desk space for rent

Looking for a creative and comfortable office to work in. We've got space. Drop us an email and come work in our central Glasgow office.

By Andy Allan - 26 September 2013 Readmore
Desk Space Desk Space Desk Space

Now that we've moved into our cosy new office on the 3rd floor of the Pentagon Centre here in Glasgow, it's time to offer up the spare desk we have.

Maybe you're a freelancer working in the web industry, or a photographer who needs a bit of space when not out and about. We're not fussy about what you do.

In addition to the desk space, you'll also get power, wifi, Starbucks coffee, access to the contents of the fridge, the opportunity to lose your temper at Mario Kart, and the fabulous banter in the Fuzzy Orange office. Oh, and let's not forget the chance to interact with McPlucky, the office's resident rubber chicken, and our trusty cowbell.

The price: £100+VAT per month, with no minimum contract.

If you'd like to get a feel for the place, why not drop us an email, hit us on @fuzzyorange or use the Keep in Touch form below, and come pay a visit.

Scotch on the Rocks 2013
Just the Orange

It's that time again. Yes, Scotch on the Rocks is back, and half of the team (the other half need to keep the client work going) will be there to talk shop, meet friends old and new, give away a few promotional items, and ultimately have a great time at what is one of Europe's best web development conferences. (OK, so we're a little bias).

By Andy Allan - 03 June 2013 Readmore

It's that time again. Yes, Scotch on the Rocks is back, and half of the team (the other half need to keep the client work going) will be there to talk shop, meet friends old and new, give away a few promotional items, and ultimately have a great time at what is one of Europe's best web development conferences. (OK, so we're a little bias).

With a new found emphasis on the web, rather than just Vendor specific technologies, we've opened the conference doors to a wider audience, and with that a greater speaker pool. And what a line up of speakers we have, covering topics such as; ember.js, Angular.js, MongoDB, Anti-Patterns, Testing, CFML, Ruby, Agile, and so much more.

There's an increased sponsor presence this year as well, and we've also upped our own game with our new custom booth set up. So why not drop by and have a chat.

fuzzyorange.co.uk relaunch
Just the Orange

Our long overdue launch is finally here. We've completely redeveloped the website, to use a new single page responsive template that gives the site a fresh new modern look and feel.

By Andy Allan - 03 June 2013 Readmore

The first release of the new site concentrates on the new layout. We've not fully optimised the site yet, so there's still improvements to be made in regards image sizes, CSS/JS minification/concatenation, and other little performance tweaks. We're also still in the process of moving our old blog over to use Jekyll. We'll provide updates on this as we go along, as well as any interesting tweaks we discover.

So we're excited by this new launch, but we know there's still work to do.

We've moved!

After many years in Edinburgh, we've packed our bags and headed along the M8 motorway to our new home in Glasgow. The Pentagon Centre, just next to the Kingston Bridge, and a 5 minute walk from Glasgow Central Station will be our place of work for the forseable future.

By Andy Allan - 28 May 2013 Readmore

It was a tough decision to make the move in regards leaving Edinburgh, but we were thoroughly impressed with the services on offer from the Pentagon Centre and we'll be making the move along the M8 at the start of July.

In close proximity to three great hotels; Menzies, the Marriot, and the Hilton, we've also got Anderston train station on our door step, as well as the River Clyde; not that we suggest you take a swim!

A quick walk along the Clydeside will take you to the site of the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, and the home of the new Hydro Arena; Scotland's largest indoor venue.

A great location, and we're looking forward to getting involved in the local Glasgow tech scene, and the potential of working even closer with one of our main clients, the Scottish FA.

MuraCon EU
MuraCon EU

We're delighted to be sponsoring the inaugral MuraCon EU conference. Taking place 5th June, the day before Scotch on the Rocks, why not join us as a line up of great speakers spread the word about MuraCMS

By Andy Allan - 18 May 2013 Readmore

MuraCon EU will feature sessions by top developers from the Mura CMS world, showing off the latest developments and features in Mura CMS. Held the day before Scotch on Rocks in Edinburgh, Scotland, MuraCon EU will show how you can harness the power of one of the world's top Content Management Systems.

MuraCon EU is the only European user conference focused solely on Mura CMS. You'll get a full day of presentations by both Mura Team members and the best the Mura community has to offer.

MuraCon EU is held the day before Scotch on the Rocks, and will be attended by Mura CMS core developers, along with other key members of the CMFL community.

So why not pop by and say hello!

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Address: Pentagon Centre, Unit 313, Glasgow G3 8AZ, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)141 255 1020
Email: hello@fuzzyorange.co.uk

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